South Shore Tour - Iceland

Our first part of the trip, we will travel from Reykjavik to Vik. With a bit of cooperation from the weather in Myrdal, we will see one of Icelands most active volcanos; Hekla.

Then we will see glacier Eyjafjallajökull the name that no one can pronounce, but everyone remembers, as a volcano that erupted herein 2010 which caused many holiday flights to be cancelled throughout Europe.

We will stop for a coffee in the village of Hvolsvöllur.

Then we will continue to Seljalandsfoss waterfall a 60 meter high waterfall which you can walk behind without getting wet.

Then we will continue towards Skogar where, Skogarwaterfall ( 25 meter wide and 60 meters high) is located, and we will make a stop for some great photos ofEyjafjallajökull. Katla is one of the lagerst volcanoes in Iceland. It is situated to the north of Vik in Mýrdal and to the east of the smaller glacier

Eyjafjallajökull. Its peak reaches 1,512 meters (4,961 ft) On our way back, we will visit Reynisfjara beach, a beautiful natural black sand beach. Reynisdrangar are basalt sea stacks situated under the mountain Reynisfjall, near village Vík in Mýrdal.

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