Iceland – Weather

The weather is very different here in Iceland, highest temperature here is usually in July, August, but usually May to October are good months in Iceland Here is a table showing the average temperature in Iceland.

Iceland has a temperate climate, the country is not big and can monthly averages of temperature on specific sites provide a good idea of other places on íslandi.Gulf Stream has a significant impact on the temperature in the winter is warm along the coast than in the country. This can, however, change is sea ice to land or very little wind event is. In summer hires wind very much about the temperature of the country.

Highest temperature ever recorded in the country was 30.5 ° C on 22 Teigarhorn June 1939 while the lowest temperature measured in Grímsstöðumog Möðrudalur -38 ° C on 21 January 1918. The average temperature in Reykjavik in January is 1.8 ° C and -8 ° C in the central highlands where the winters are the coldest. The average temperature in July is about 10 ° C in the whole country, just a lower the North.

Here is a link that is best to see the weather forecast in Iceland
Weather forecast